Thursday, Second Week of Easter

Thursday, April 23

Thursday, Second Week of Easter


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It is already a second time in a row – within a brief period of time – that the apostles stand in front of the Sanhedrin for a trial. They use this opportunity for proclaiming Jesus as the leader and savior.

The title savior, normally used for God in Judaism and for the emperor by the gentiles, is now applied to Jesus. Peter talks as an Israelite to his fellow Israelites announcing that Jesus is the Savior of Israel.

While the Jews were often envisioning salvation in political terms, Jesus saves by granting repentance and forgiveness of sins. He offers an opportunity to everyone in Israel to repent and be forgiven. This is an important lesson to take: God does not grant results, but rather provides conditions, where we can prosper. It takes more effort, patience, and determination on our part. God plants seeds and we have to cultivate them.