Advent Giving Opportunities – 2022

Monday, December 26

Advent Giving Opportunities – 2022

Christmas is on the horizon and food and energy costs are climbing, with no end in sight. As we are all tightening our belts, let’s keep our hearts open to those around us who are affected even more than we may be. Please consider joining with your family and our parish family to help with one or more of the following Advent Giving Projects.

The remaining Giving Tree projects for 2022 include:

Kahama Diocese Church and School Construction Projects: The Diocese of Kahama, where our sister parish is located, has recently welcomed its newly-consecrated bishop, Christopher Nkoronko (see page 3). As Bishop Nkoronko begins his tenure, he plans first to wrap up some of the building projects that Bishop Minde initiated. Among them are the completion of the roof of Ss. Simon and Jude Thaddeus Church in Busoko and the addition to Ss. Cyril and Methodius Primary School  in Kagongwa. You can contribute to the Kahama diocese building fund online using PushPay or place a check made payable to Ss. Cyril and Methodius  in a blue Advent Giving envelope and put it in the collection basket by December 25, 2022. This international donation is not tax-deductible, per the IRS.

Christian Service Fund: Donations made to the parish Christian Service Fund during advent will be divided between Image of God Crisis Pregnancy Centers and (Slovak Parish in Chicago). You can contribute to this fund online using PushPay or place a check made payable to Ss. Cyril and Methodius in a white Advent Giving envelope and put it in the collection basket by December 25, 2022.

† Image of God Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Now that abortion is unrestricted and unregulated in our state, now more than ever, women facing unplanned pregnancies must know there is a better choice. Crisis pregnancy centers partner with women to help them move from crisis to the confidence to care for their babies. Image of God Crisis Pregnancy Center ministers to women at three centers in Detroit and one in Madison Heights. Our donation (see page 4) will help Image of God meet essential costs, such as rent, utilities, and a social media presence, so all four centers can continue caring for women and babies in 2023.

† Slovak Mission in Chicago: Did you know that Chicago is the new home to a small and thriving community of families that have recently moved from Slovakia to the United States? Much like our parish 100 years ago, they have a pastor from Slovakia, so Mass, the sacraments, and Christian formation are all available to them in their familiar Slovak language.  Through their “Slovak School” they work diligently to hand on their language, faith and culture to their children. Also like St. Cyril’s in its early years, the community hopes to find a church building of their own. This Christmas, we can show our solidarity with this “sister” community with a donation to their building fund.

Thank you for your consideration, generosity and prayers! If you have questions about any of the projects, contact: Erin Rybicki at or Sandi Brady in the Parish Office