Wednesday, Third Week of Lent

Wednesday, March 18

Wednesday, Third Week of Lent


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Moses, standing above the River Jordan, looking at the Promised Land, and giving his final speech to the Israelites is emblematic for the situation of all the people of Israel and in fact, for all believers. All find themselves in situation between promise and fulfillment.

Moses repeatedly invites and reminds people: Hear! Observe! Be on your guard not to forget! Listening to and following the Word of God is not a sign of weakness, incompetence, or lack of skill and self-determination. Rather, it is a sign of wisdom and correct mind-set: follow the word of the Creator who knows what is best for people.

Israel is reminded to live and build upon its original experience, when God elected them and liberated them from Egypt and revealed himself on Mount Sinai. This is a wisdom superior to human wisdom, but it ensures future for Israel.

Lent is a time when we can reflect about the foundation of our life and faith. We would never be what we are, if there was no baptism. It is in baptism that we live our election and liberation. Lent does not call us to invent always new things, but rather to return to the very foundation of our life and build on it. We are and always will be between promise and fulfillment. While on earth, we will always be just looking at the Promised Land. As we are pondering the promises and striving to attain them, we must always return to the very foundation of our lives, when we became God’s children through baptism.