Virtual Retreat – Spirituality of the Evangelist

Saturday, January 23

Virtual Retreat – Spirituality of the Evangelist

All are welcome for a Catholic Biblical School of Michigan (CBSM) sponsored virtual retreat on Saturday, January 23, from 9:00AM – 3:00PM, held on Zoom.

TOPIC: The Spirituality of the Evangelist 

Virtual Retreat features talks by St. Paul Street Evangelization’s Adam Janke, times of quiet away from the computer for reflections, opportunities for group discussion, and guided prayer. 

Retreat Overview

Talk #1: What is MY story? We begin the day in reflection of our background in terms of relationship with the Lord (e.g., prayer, sacraments, joys, difficulties).

Talk #2: Each of us has encountered obstacles toward being an ‘evangelist.’ For some, it’s fear of not knowing enough or fear of what others will think of us. Others shrink back from evangelization out of a false sense of inadequacy. We need the Holy Spirit to heal us from those obstacles and anxieties that keep us from growing in holiness and becoming all God has created us to be.

Talk #3: Come, Holy Spirit! In this final talk, we learn about the role of the Holy Spirit as the converter of hearts. How can we grow in a relationship with the Holy Spirit and become docile to where and how we are being led to reach out to others?

COST: $10 per household

REGISTER BY: Monday, January 18