Tuesday within the Octave of Easter

Tuesday, April 14

Tuesday within the Octave of Easter


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Mary of Magdala – in John’s gospel – receives a second chance to grasp the significance of the resurrection. She returns to the tomb the second time and after talking to the angels, she finally encounters Jesus outside in the garden, without recognizing him first.

Jesus addresses her by asking: whom are you looking for? It is a question that reminds of Jesus talking to the disciples of John the Baptist at the very beginning of the gospel: What are you looking for? (John 1:38) and also of the question in the garden before being arrested: whom are you looking for? (John 18:4). It is a question that probes discipleship.

  • The disciples of John stayed with Jesus and found the Messiah.
  • The arresting party was looking for Jesus with hostility, but they were struck down with judgment.
  • Mary was looking for dead Jesus and found the living Lord.

The answer one receives depends largely from the way of asking the question and one’s readiness to accept it. Living Lord is one who challenges, but Mary shows the model of discipleship: attitude of trusting the master and taking even risks. We do not know exactly what is involved, but the divine Master opens perspectives for our life.