Saturday, Third Week of Lent

Saturday, March 21

Saturday, Third Week of Lent


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Penance and repentance are part of Lenten season and we could almost say of Lenten lifestyle. We must do “something”, many people say. But, is our repentance true or false?

Prophet Hosea reports a penitential prayer, probably recited in the temple of Jerusalem during liturgy. What is remarkable is the fact that confession of sin and repentance are mentioned only marginally: let us return to the LORD… let us strive to know the LORD. Everything else is just empty talking, or perhaps even singing penitential hymns… Then one can expect salvation and healing from God, people think.

The prophet makes an end to these illusions: he presents a speech on God’s behalf explaining the fundamentals. God indeed is disposed to forgive at any time. However, he does not accept just a liturgical ceremony when nothing else happens. He has no need of sacrifices; rather he expects love, fidelity to the covenant, familiarity with him, who is both generous and challenging.

God is always disposed to forgive. Now, it is our turn. Are we ready? Have we already converted and prepared ourselves to celebrate his liturgy?