Saint Luke, Evangelist

Wednesday, October 18

Saint Luke, Evangelist


Luke is regarded as the author of one of the gospels and of the Acts of the Apostles (2 Tim 4:11; Phlm 1:24). He is also called physician in Col 4:14. He was a companion of Saint Paul on his missionary journeys.

The tradition has him born as a pagan in the Syrian Antioch and work as a missionary – after Paul had died – in Greece. This is the alleged place of composition of the Gospel and Acts. He died at the age of 84.

His relics were transported to Constantinople in the year 357 and deposited in the Church of the Apostles. Started in the 8th century, he is known as an artist (painter). His veneration in Rome begins in the 9th century. He is often represented under the symbol of a (winged) ox.