Saint Andrew, Apostle

Thursday, November 30

Saint Andrew, Apostle


Andrew, brother of Simon Peter, son of Jonas is mentioned multiple times in the New Testament. He came from Betsaida, but worked and lived in Capernaum on Lake Galilee as a fisherman. He belong to the first disciples of Jesus, along with his brother Peter.

According to the report in John’s gospel, he used to belong to the disciples of John the Baptist first and he even brought his brother over to Jesus (John 1:40).

According to a tradition, he announced the gospel south of Black Sea, on Lower Danube and in Greece; he was martyred in Patras on an X-shaped cross on November 30, 60 AD.

His remains were transferred to the Church of the Apostles in Constantinople in 356 and to Amalfi (south of Naples, Italy) in 1208. His head was brought to Rome in 1462 and then returned to the church of Patras in 1964. A church was dedicated to him in Rome as early as in the 5th century.