Monday within the Octave of Easter

Monday, April 13

Monday within the Octave of Easter


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Each of the gospels, when talking about the events of Jesus’ resurrection, uses a particular language and gives a special emphasis. Matthew points out the first experience of the women with the risen Lord as something very personal: they embrace his feet and do him homage. They show their human affection and personal involvement.

Jesus whom we love and revere is first of all a person. Faith in resurrection, prior to being a doctrinal statement, is a faith in person with whom a close relationships is not only possible, but also mandatory.

Jesus charges the the women to go quickly and tell his brothers. Earlier in the text, the angel commissions them to go and tell to the disciples, but Jesus sends them to his brothers. Jesus establishes a community and family. He does not have professionals with a particular training, but people who are committed.