Monday, Fifth Week of Lent

Monday, March 30

Monday, Fifth Week of Lent


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The long story about Susanna from the Book of the prophet Daniel shows that God is just, he acts justly, and grants a just outcome. It is already the name Daniel that makes one think of justice, since the very name means: God makes justice.

The story, however, offers a deeper meaning to ponder. Susanna is a model of the people of Israel that resists temptations of the pagans, remaining faithful at any cost.

The two elders who sin are emblematic of any human sin. All starts with their looking, continues with their preparation of a plan and it ends with deliberation and action. This logic of sin, however, is not stringent and there is an escape route.

  • Live in God’s presence: Sin has its origin in human nature, but it only develops if we forget that God is with us.
  • Resist: Stand firm in temptations. God rewards those who are faithful to him.

Jesus in the gospel is more than Daniel. He also encounters a woman in a somewhat similar situation, but this woman is guilty. Yet, Jesus proves to be much more than a defender of an innocent person. He even forgives sins. He cares not only about the external response to the prescriptions of the law, but especially about the answer of the heart.