Friday, Fourth Week of Easter

Friday, May 8

Friday, Fourth Week of Easter


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The disciples are having a hard time understanding and accepting the words of Jesus about his departure. They want to hold on to what they perceived as good and legitimate – on his presence. The fear from losing what they have prevents them from seeing what they will gain.

There is only one answer to this fear: you have faith in God, have faith also in me. The faith that Jesus expects means trust and hope. The separation is not definitive and there will be a reunification in the many dwelling places in the father’s house. Thomas is being impatient and demands immediate information about the way there, which will also become the way of the disciples.

The lesson to learn might be hard, but there is also a consolation offered. Many things will be taken away as part of this journey. Leaving things behind is always a sacrifice but it enables passing from intuition to vision. Jesus himself becomes the most powerful support we can have when he declares himself to be the way. Walking on this way will lead us safely to our true home.