Friday, Fifth Week of Easter

Friday, May 15

Friday, Fifth Week of Easter


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There have never been ideal beginnings or golden times for the Church and the Acts of the Apostles repeatedly report about controversies and discords among the early Christians.

The apostles, aware of their task and responsibility for the community but also of their own limitations, boldly respond: It is the decision of the holy Spirit and of us. The Church cannot exist without an organized leadership, because that is its nature, inscribed in its DNA. The Church gathers people of a variety of life-situations that are led towards salvation. Christ, the Good Shepherd wants to bring his people home and he entrusted the leadership to specific people. This office is often burdensome and therefore, the Holy Spirit is there to rely upon.

Leaders who only tell what we want to hear can easily mislead. Rather, those who challenge can effectively lead. And that always disturbs.