Wednesday of Holy Week

Wednesday, April 8

Wednesday of Holy Week


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The Servant of the Lord from the Book of the prophet Isaiah is someone who both listens and talks: the Lord God gave him a well-trained tongue that he might know how to speak. Morning after morning God opens his ear that he may hear. He is a perfect disciple, relaying on God who talks to him, not concerned about his personal success.

The Servant reminds of the life and fate of many Old Testament prophets and he anticipates the life and fate of Jesus. Jesus as well stands toward his Father as a perfect disciple. He always acts in response to the Father’s voice and acts in his Father’s name.

More than at other times, during the Holy Week we are encouraged to imitate Jesus and become perfect disciples.

  • Listen first: be attentive, reflect, get your heart ready, remove all obstacles and noise.
  • Speak next: bring God’s message to people.