Monday, Third Week of Easter

Monday, April 27

Monday, Third Week of Easter


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The Acts of the Apostles over and over again demonstrate that human strength is insufficient, but God works in people through his inspiration and assistance. The seven deacons selected in Acts 6:1-7 for the service at the tables and as assistants of the apostles are much more than mere table waiters.

The Acts point out one of them – Steven – and describe the controversy between him and some other Jews. Steven was strong in announcing faith and the adversaries could not withstand the wisdom and the spirit with which he spoke.

God does not pick the smartest and the strongest from amongst of people. Rather, he chooses each of us, people of this world. He knows of our limitations, but promises his Spirit to fill, form, and empower us.

Divine assistance is the source of our confidence, but also a constant reminder to keep humble and open-minded, lest we announce ourselves and not God.