American Red Cross Blood Drive

Tuesday, September 24

American Red Cross Blood Drive


During this time of the year, the American Red Cross blood supply is critically low. Your donation is necessary in order to replenish it. Without the proper amount of blood on-hand, patients (perhaps even our family members or friends) may not have blood available for necessary operations or emergencies, which could result in possible serious medical complications or even death.

Please donate on Tuesday, September 24, between 1:00PM – 6:45PM. Sign-up online at and enter sponsor code stcyril or call the Parish Office, (586) 726-6911, for an appointment to save lives.  

There is no substitute for blood.  When a patient receives blood,  it was given in advance by a generous blood donor.  It’s the blood already on the hospital shelves that helps in emergency situations.  Thank you for helping to make sure that blood is there when needed at a moment’s notice.  Every 2 seconds, someone in the country needs blood.  

Please sign up and ask a friend to sign up too!