COVID-19: Receiving Holy Communion

COVID-19: Receiving Holy Communion

Despite the unusual circumstances, every Holy Mass is a moment when we unite ourselves with Jesus in Holy Communion. In order to receive our Lord respectfully and comply with smart hygiene standards and practices, two options are available:

  • to best protect the health and well-being of others, it is recommended that you receive Holy Communion in your hand.
  • the option to receive Holy Communion on your tongue remains available.

Two ministers will be distributing Holy Communion – one in the hand and one on the tongue. Please go to the appropriate line and follow these steps:

  • When exiting the pew, use sanitizer to clean your hands. If you do not have sanitizer, it will be available on a table as you approach the minister.
  • Keep a 6 foot distance in line; families can stay together; parents, please assist your children.
  • Give reverence to the Eucharist when second in line, either by bowing or genuflecting.
  • Keep your face mask on while approaching the minister to receive Holy Communion.
  • At the front of the line, stop 6 feet away from the priest. The priest will hold up the host and say: “The Body of Christ” and the faithful responds: “Amen”.
  • Take your mask off; the priest will approach you and put the host into your hand, or onto your tongue.
  • Once you receive the Eucharist, put your mask on and return to your pew.

Receiving Holy Communion in your Hand

Receiving Holy Communion on your Tongue


INDOOR MASSES: Inform an usher if you will not be able to walk up for Holy Communion. The usher will notify the priest. The priest will bring Holy Communion to you AFTER THE HOLY MASS. Please remain in your seat until Father comes to you with Holy Communion.

OUTDOOR MASSES: Father will come to you AFTER THE HOLY MASS to distribute Holy Communion to you. Please wait until the crowd has dispersed, walk to the “barriers” in the back parking lot (where Mass was celebrated) and Father will come to you.


If you are a registered parishioner of Ss. Cyril & Methodius Parish and you have been trained by a Ss. Cyril & Methodius priest or deacon and you would like to take Holy Communion to a sick member of your household, please:

  • Wait until after Holy Mass – wait for Father by the handicapped individuals (6′ distance). After Holy Mass, Father will come to you and place Holy Communion in your pyx.

(NOTE: Communion to the home bound is for the sick members in your family only.)